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The Smallest Convoy

A 27 footer and a 28 footer convoy to the Red Sea.

With the prospect of light wind crossing the Arabian Sea in April we carried jerry jugs of fuel as deck cargo.

Due to the danger of pirate attack on the Arrabian Sea we traveled in convoy with Ania, a 28 foot Polish boat.

1500 miles from the Maldives to Yemen Ania followed close in Eva's wake.

Motorsailing with her biggest sails up Eva made 120 miles some days in the light close reaching conditions we had most of the time.

We showed just a dim orange light at night so we could not be seen by pirates from a long way off.

The wind was light, the sea calm and the sky was so clear that we could sea the orb of the sun kiss the horizion each night at sunset.

When this wooden ship first altered course towards us we were very alarmed thinking they were pirates. It turned out to be a boatload of smiling waving Iranians who probably wanted to get a look at the little sailboats out in the middle of the Gulf of Aden.

There was plenty of time on the 14 day passage to paint courtisy flags for our upcomming landfalls.

Landfall in Yemen was a great releif, and this first sight of arabia was colorfull and interesting.

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