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South Across the Equator!

Our epic passage, 43 days into the wind, Honolulu, Hawaii to Papeette, French Polynesia.

Farewell to Hawaii as we pass Diamond Head heading out of Honolulu.

Reaching in calm conditions, a good start.

Sailing is hard work.

The big hank on genoa in light air.

Our second autopilot dies, broken drive belt.

With no more autopilots to sacrifice it was 900 miles Joshua Slocum style with the tiller lashed. Not fast, and a lot of work, but it kept us going in the general direction of Tahiti without having to resort to hand steering.

The tiller setting needed adjustment any time the wind direction or speed changed in the slightest.

This little DC fan was a real life saver in the sweltering heat crossing the equator. When beating into the wind, ocean spray usually means the ports stay closed up.

Inventory and re-stow canned food. We had plenty of food on board for the long passage, the problem was remembering where it was all stowed.

We had so much time on the passage that a new louvered insert for the main hatch even got made.  Woodwork while underway is a challenge.

When rain squalls like this one hit, the new louvered hatch board came in handy.

Louvered hatch board as seen from inside the main cabin. .

Landfall on the island of Tahiti made our six weeks at sea well worth the effort.

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