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The Malasian islands of Pinang and Langkawi.

Eva motoring under the Penang Link Bridge in sweltering heat.

A large bulk carrier unloading into lighters is something that is not often seen anymore.

Standing on the tiger, chinese influence is apparent on the islands of Malasia.

Wide angle view of a Penang street.

A heavy three wheel truck which was used to haul semi-trailers of orr.

This sleek cruiser is said to be the worlds fastest piston engine driven pleasure yacht.

Old Folk Tale of the formatioin of the mountains of Langkawi from the hands of giants.

Hanging bridge in the western mountains.

A content looking water buffalo.

A giant grouper in an aquarium, in the pacific we oftens saw these in the wild.

Koi pond.

An impressive colorfull wild bird.

Smooth sailing all the way.

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