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The Island of Martinique

The colors of Martinique in HD(1080x1920). Panning and zooming required for viewing on lower than standard resolution screens. Downloading this entire photo essay will take no less than 6 minutes and possibly as long as 10 or even 15 minutes on a dial-up connection. High speed connections will typically take less than 20 seconds (1 megabit per second or faster).
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Arriving in the city of Fort de France on Martinique certainly was reminiscent of Europe. The continental flair is however only skin deep, no pun intended.

This impressive looking library building at first glance looks like something out of a Parisian neighborhood. Upon closer inspection though it can be seen that it is all just painted on. The actual building was a kit of sorts, built out of steel in the 19th century in Europe and then reassembled on Martinique.

The people on Martinique seem quite French. Something about that being only skin deep too.

As with many ports in the Caribbean, Fort de France is totally open to the west which makes for spectacular sunsets.

A small fishing port under jungle covered cliffs.

Colorful landscaping adorns a rural trail.

Christmass time on Martinique abounds in green. Not much red or white to be seen though.

Mangroves are not abundant on Martinique, but where they exist a bit of a red tint shines through.

Eva anchored off of Saint Pierre, toward the North end of the island.

In the 18th century Saint Pierre was the capital city of Martinique, and the main French commercial port in the Caribbean. Much of old Saint Pierre remains in ruins after the big volcanic eruption of May 8th 1902.

This old electrical transformer in a massive cast iron case probably dates to around the time of the eruption.

Breadfruit glistening in the morning dew.

Eva sails off towards another pot of gold.

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