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Tropical Far North Queensland

Little bird visits Eva's lifelines

There were huge numbers of these butterflys on some offshore islands

The continant of Australia to the west makes for bright orange sunsets

Anchored out on the outer great barrior reef the sunrises are clear and bright

From an anchorage in the Whitsundays we watched the Hamilton Island Race Week

Sailing close by Snapper Island what came floating by but two mating green sea turtles

Sailing north we had mostly light trade winds from behind

Barron falls near Cairns was not flowing much, as it was the dry season, but was spectacular none the less

Fast catamerans zip tourists out to the reef for the day

We never saw a croc in the wild, but this one sure put on a show for it's daily chicken

Cooktown has at least a half a dozen monuments to James Cook's 1770 visit

The museum in Cooktown has an anchor and cannon from the Endeavor recovered off of Endeavor reef in the 1980's

Cooktown's goldrush days brought many chinese people to the area, this idol is from a temple that once existed in Cooktown

Blue Lagoon on Lizzard island as seen from Cook's Look, where in 1770 Cook climbed to look for a break in the barrior reef

Cook named Lizzard Island for the many sand monitors he saw there. This one was nearly six feet long, and sat on that warm rock totally unconcerned as I took his picture

Thursday Island in the Torres Straight was our last stop in Australia

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