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Big City Oahu

Cruisers eventually end up in Honolulu, as did we.

The superferry operates between Oahu and Maui.  A very large catamaran, it was an intimidating sight blasting past us at 30 knots.

The Waikiki skyline.

The main tourist attraction is Waikiki beach.

New construction and traditional carvings.

Sunset in the Alawai Marina.

A fireworks display lights up the Alawai.

The harbor at Keehi Lagoon is much less glamorous.

The small aquarium in Waikiki.

Glowing Jelly Fish.

A Buddhist Temple in the hills.

Intricately carved shrine in the Temple.

Black swan in the Koi pond.

The Rugged East Coast.

Aireal view of Eva at anchor.

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