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Portugal by Night

Night scenes of Portugal, in HD (1080x1920). Panning and zooming required for viewing on lower than standard resolution screens. Downloading this entire photo essay will take no less than four minutes and possibly as long as eight or ten minutes on a dial-up connection. High speed connections will typically take less than thirteen seconds (1 megabit per second or faster).

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Baiona Spain, the night before we head off for Portugal.

The rail bridge at Oporto is as far up the Rio Duro that a mast can go.

The popular resort and vacation beach at Nazare is packed with swimmers by day and something of a carnaval by night.

The orient station on the East end of Lisbon is an architectural spectacle, especially when lit inside and out by night.

Other night scenes in Lisbon are equally spectacular.

It is always night time at the aquarium.

Eva heads south around Cabo Sao Vicente on a calm late summer evening.

The sun sets behind Eva anchored off of Faro on the South coast of Portugal.

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Images and text copywrite 2014 by Michael Traum