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Sri Lanka


The japanese peace pagoda shows prominently in the approach to Galle Harbor.

The golden sand of Sri Lankas beaches stands out against the deep blue of the Indian Ocean.

A depiction of Budha traveling by boat.

A fishing boat with a shape we had not seen before arriving in Sri Lanka.

Lightweight three wheelers have been very popular in Sri Lanka.

Known as tuk tuk's they had generaly been addopted in the place of automobiles.

Latex seeping out of a rubber tree.

These howler monkeys, which look like they have just been to the hair stylist, are said to be rather ferocious.

The dutch fortifications of old town.

A wood fired kitchen stove burning big sticks.

Expecting another no wind crossing we took on extra diesel fuel as deck cargo for the first time, five used 20 liter vegetable oil containers increases Eva's range by about three quarters.

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