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Tahiti Nui

Our first landfall in French Polynesia was the island of Tahiti. We spent over a month in Tahiti replacing the clutch and fixing the rudder, with lots of playing tourist in between.

Evening twilight anchored off the island of Tahiti.

You may have heard the term "Dress Ship", well this was our take on that upon arrival in Tahiti after 43 days at sea beating into the wind from Hawaii.

There is the culprit

We could have made it to Tahiti a bit faster if the forward clutch had not given up the ghost just before crossing the equator.  It was amazingly easy to get the transmission out considering the tight working space.

The hike out to this waterfall was several hours long, this after a 5 mile bike ride to the end of the road.  But the spot was worth the effort.  Tahiti is a crowded tourist mecca, but there are great places to visit and sights to see if you can look past the crowds.

Idle fishing boats in Papeette Harbor.

This dam looks like an ancient archaeological site, it was in fact built in 1982.

A stone tiki carving on display in front of the Museum of Tahiti and her Islands.

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