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Putt Putt to Tim Tim

A Transition Month Crossing of the Timor Sea.

Crossing from Thursday Island in the Torres Straight to Kupang on Timor in November there was not much wind.

This was the first long passage we made where we relied heavily on the diesel motor.

When there was the slightest puff of wind we set our largest sails and shut down the mill.

Running wing and wing with the big Genoa polled out we were able to make about two to three knots in the light south east wind that came up for a few hours some days.

Looking up out the forward hatch.

The sea was often mirror flat.

A sea snake was an unlikely sight so far from land.

Sunset each night was something to be looked forward to.

Sunrise was often equaly spectacular.

Sunset colors shine on the white sails.

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Images and text copywrite 2011 by Michael Traum