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Western Indonesia

Upwind against the Northwest Monsoon.

The NW Monsoon flow was so strong in January that even the big ships made slow progress.

We ascended the Kumai river on Kalimantan to reprovision.

Life in Kumai centers around boats.

A heavily loaded wooden trading ship comes down the Kumai River.

The same type of 100 foot long wooden trader when empty.

Here is one being built on the river bank.

We took a side trip up the Sekonyer River to see the orangutans, and we met King Dyak.

The semi-wild orangutans are feed bananas each day.

The baby orangutans are quite human like, and very cute.

This wild orangutan was spotted by the river bank eating palm roots.

Proboscis monkeys were also seen along the bank, this juvenile does not yet have the distinctive large nose.

A greater coucal. Bird life on Kalimantan is diverse and colorful.

The rivers are the Highways of Borneo.

These small wooden canoes are powered by direct drive diesel engines, some of them are quite fast.

Eva moored in Jaya Anchol Marina, Jakarta.

A colorful sailboat in Jakarta.

Eva sails under a suspension bridge.

A savage looking carving.

Many villages are built out over the water.

Oar power is not such a common sight anymore.

Thatched roof in the traditional style.

A colorful Indonesian fishing boat at sea.

A large liquefied natural gas carrier passes close behind Eva as we near Singapore.

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