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Technical Articles by Michael Traum

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Glossary of Terms - New terminology coined by Michael Traum. Updated as terms apeared in technical articles mostly in 2014 and 2015.

Car 54 Where Are You? - The 1954 Ford Automobile. February 5th 2019

The 475 Big Bore - Going Big for Less Displacement. July 25th 2018

KTM White Power Suspension - 1990's KTM WP Suspension as Upgrade for Husqvarna Enduro Bikes. July 3rd 2018

A 1987 Husqvarna 510 XC - Newer 40mm WP forks and a better Ohlins Shock. February 27th 2018

Lean Stumbling - Excessive Stock Spark Advance on the Period Correct WMX 610. Januarly 24th 2018

1992 Husqvarna Suspension Upgrades - A Sachs Shock Yields Big Improvements. November 19th 2017

2017 Updates on Various 1991 Husqvarnas October 21st 2017

1999 Husqvarna WMX 410 - Suspesion Upgrade. October 1st 2017

Confessions of a Long Stroke Wheeler - A Willies Powered 1942 Ford GPW. July 10th 2017

Precise Jetting - Needle Shanks and Half Clip Positions. April 27th 2017

A Period Correct Big Cam 1991 Husqvarna WMX 610 - Camming up the stock SEM ignition. April 26th 2017

1999 Husqvarna TE 410 - The Lengthened 1999 Connecting Rod and Stroker 610 Ideas. March 24th 2017

Shocking Success - A 1991 Husqvarna WMX 386 and various suspension adventures. March 23rd 2017

Ring Structures - More pop per gallon. February 4th 2017

The Lifan Husqvarnas - Small Displacement Big Problems. December 22nd 2016 Updated December 31st 2016

Structural Analysis - Predicting when something might break and a bit about how and why. December 14th 2016

A Tale of Two Huskies - Two more 1991 Husqvarna WMX 610 race bikes enter the pack. October 31st 2016

Husqvarna 250 Two Stroke - A Short Stroke Length Water Cooled 250. October 25th 2016

Small Bore - Unique Tuning Challenges for Small Gasoline Engines. September 15th 2016

Ethanol - The ins and outs of alcohol as a motor vehicle fuel. September 5th 2016

Camshaft Conundrum - How the shape of the circle caused excessively long stroke lengths in gasoline engines. May 30th 2016

Husky History - 100 years of Husqvarna Motorcycles. May 19th 2016

1987 Husqvarna 430 WR - The big bore two stroke gets a manual transmission. May 8th 2016

Variation Between Gears - The Husqvarna six speed transmission. March 29th 2016

Timing - Time of late compression ignition, engine speed, mean piston speed and temperature of combustion potential. March 23rd 2016

Non-Homogeneous Gasoline - Types of potential problems and consequences for engine performance. January 26th 2016

The Emoji - Embeded symbols and eight bit storage. January 1st, 2016

Regular Racer - The Husqvarna 610 gets a 12.5:1 compression ratio. December 12th 2015

Yamaha WR250F High Fuel Consumption - An open letter to Dirt Bike Magazine. October 30th 2015

Rod Bearing Size - Oversize bearings mask reality. September 22nd 2015

Compression Ratio Modification - Ease of modification of existing engines by valvetrain type. September 14th 2015

Steel - It's what's for building. September 7th 2015

The Advance Myth - Correct advance as opposed to lots of advance in gasoline engines. August 20th 2015

Wheelin' a 1961 Dodge W100 August 16th 2015

General Trends in Combustion Fuel Properties August 15th 2015

Classes of Errors in Writing August 8th 2015

A Basis for the Clarification of Nutrients and Drugs August 3rd 2015

Sony APS-C Cameras - Standard size digital sensors abord Eva. July 10th 2015

Points at 11.3:1 - The rebuilt Husqvarna 610 motor gets a points ignition system. June 24th 2015 Updated August 9th 2015

Evolutionary Cosmology - Answering the big question. May 31st 2015

1986 Husqvarna 400 Enduro - The Swedish Two Stroke. May 30th 2015

Resurrecting the 1991 Husqvarna WMX 610 - The original four stroke motorcrosser rides again. May 12th 2015

Maximum Compression Ratios - Putting the squeeze to gasoline. April 5th 2015

Electric Land Dinghies - Extra Vehicular Activity aboard Eva. March 24th 2015

Petroleum - The world's slowest charging battery. March 23rd 2015

Husqvarnas - A personal quest for the early Husqvarna four stroke dirt bike. February 24th 2015

Dirt Bikes - The real motorcycles. January 11th 2015

Fixed Crankshaft Engines - Spining the cylinders to eliminate reciprocating losses. January 8th 2015

Exhaust and Exhaust Muffling - Quiet does not mean slow, but fast does tend to be loud. January 4th 2015

The Internet - From email to Paypal. December 21st 2014

Printing - Putting text and images to paper. December 19th 2014

Photography and Videography - Fixing images and getting them to dance. December 9th 2014

Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning - Making living spaces livable. November 26th 2014

Sails and Sailing - Turning the wind into a driving force. November 23rd 2014

Traction Control and Suspension - From preventing wheel spin to active stability control. November 20th 2015

Lithium Ion Batteries - The long awaited highly functional storage battery. November 15th 2014

Drinking Water - Eva's water system and water quality. November 13th 2014

Camshafts and Valve Timing Systems - How, when and why valves are opened. November 10th 2014

Canted Valve Engines - Angled valves for better flow. November 9th 2014

Flatheads for (N)Ever - Why sidevalve engines were slow and dirty. November 6th 2014

Points Ignition Systems - Providing the spark for spark ignition engines. November 4th 2014

Generator Sets - Turning fuel into electricity. November 1st 2014

The 2015 Volkswagens and Audis - Large additional performance improvements. October 19th 2014

The Norsea 27 - Why this small 40 year old design works. October 14th 2014

The First Generation Audi 5000 - A lightweight design that still impresses 40 years later. October 16th 2014

Small Marine Diesel Engines - A compendium of the few small direct injection engines that have been available. October 7th 2014

Solar Electric - Harnessing the power of the sun. September 30th 2014

Electric Motors and Generators - Types, application and limitations. September 28th 2014

Fuel Hogs - Why motorcycles get such poor mileage. September 20th 2014

Mustang Analysis - Why the first generation Ford Mustang felt slow. September 4th 2014

Fuel Properties - How fuel burns, and what it means for engine design and operation. May 25th 2014

Diesel Basics - The basics of diesel engine operation. May 7th 2014

Failure Fiasco - Equipment failure on board Eva. Throughout 2014

Lead Acid Basics - An introduction to lead acid storage batteries. 2013

Relamination - A new epoxy bottom for Eva. 2013

Fuel Tank Replacement - An integral tank in Eva's bilge. 2010