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Electric Windlass - In Queensland we replaced the manual anchor windlass with an electric unit

Steering Gear - We installed a used Monitor Windvane in New Zealand

Hole in the Hull - Fiberglass patch in the Bora Bora lagoon

Rudder Repair - Unshipped the rudder while at anchor in Tahiti

Clutch Replacement - A new forward clutch disk was easier to put in than the Yanmar manual said it would be

Re-Rig - We installed new standing rigging while at anchor in Hawaii

Through Hulls - Proper seacocks to replace the old, corroded, falling apart ball valves

Relamination - An eighth inch of new epoxy and glass on the bottom to stop osmotic blistering

Fuel Tank Replacement - No simple mater on a Norsea with the fuel tank in the bilge, under the engine